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Twelve O'Clock High

Twelve O’Clock High

Twelve o’Clock High – Buzz

It was noon hour and I wanted my hair cut, I felt that if I didn’t go and get it cut, then tomorrow it would be hacked off by me when I got up and had

Kelly's Haircut

Kelly’s Haircut


She had been trying to grow her hair out now for what seemed like forever, but she was beginning to tire of the process. She had been downtown at the market with

Cyber Clipt

Cyber Clipt

Cyber Clipt

The sound of the clippers buzzing permeated the barber shop. Sitting in the waiting area, and next, was Mercedes. She was staring intensely at the guy in the chair ge

Princess Leah's Braids

Princess Leah’s Braids

Princess Leah’s Braids – Cuttisnips

Star Wars is back in the theater with fantastic new scenes! Yet, many of the best scenes remain on the cutting room floor.

While held captive



The Substitute

Late one afternoon, on my way home, I stopped at the barber shop for a trim. As I approached the shop, ahead of me a woman walked up to the door of the shop and we



Honkers by DeB

“God, I can’t stand her,” Lana hissed as she watched Kelli flounce over to another table that didn’t belong to her. “Tip-stealing bitch.”

“Yeah,” Sandi replied. “

Frustrated Debbie

Frustrated Debbie

Frustrated Debbie by DLBARGRILL

Debbie threw her briefcase to the floor and screamed. She had had enough. After a frustrated Debbie pressed her headhunter, Rhonda explained the



Hypnotized (part 1. comments welcome at: david2505@aol.com)

She opened her eyes, and there was Lisa looking at her, smiling. Whenever Lisa looked at her that way, she got aroused

Chrissy's New Haircut

Chrissy’s New Haircut

Chrissy’s New Haircut – X Man

This was going to be a great year thought Chrissy. Chrissy, or Chris to her friends, was elected captain of the volleyball team, had liked all her



This is a story that involves female hair cutting. If that doesn’t interest you, please pass this one up.


My dad has a hair fetish. I didn’