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Steel Comb

Steel Comb

The Steel Comb by Charlie Sheers

Millie had just turned sweet sixteen. As her bosom started to grow, so did the number of boys who smiled at her when she walked down Main Street

Cinderella - The Real Story

Cinderella – The Real Story

Cinderella – the Real Story

The brash sound of the buzzer in her room startled Cinderella. You would think by now that she’d be use to it, since with ritual precision her step-si

PJ Shearer's Secret Revealed

P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed

P.J. Shearer’s Secret Revealed By Da Marsh

Author’s note: This story contains sexual content, female head and body depilation, and some mild defeminization. If you can’t handle

Machine Munch

Machine Munch

Machine Munch by Laura

Two years ago my hair was mid-back. I had just cut 16 inches off and it was as short as it had been since I was 8 years old. I always had long hair and th



Touch-up, a short hair short story – bob688

This story is a work of fiction meant for adults who enjoy reading about non-consensual hair cutting. As a work of fiction, it is inte

Rick's Favour

Rick’s Favour

RICK’S FAVOR by Shornlocks

Doris was still in shock. Her husband had just run out on her and their three daughters after 15 years of marriage. She had barely slept a wink last ni

Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True

Too good to be true

Like the subject title says, this seems to be to good to be true, but it is indeed true.

Yesterday I decided to go to my favorite bar to have a couple of dri

How it All Began

How it All Began

How It All Began – dlittle@cyberus.ca (buzz)

There is nothing so delightful to me as the thoughts of taking a woman with a full lustrous head of hair and scraping her bald as a b

My Friend - I Do Miss You

My Friend – I Do Miss You

My Friend — I Do Miss You By Jim B.

I am now fifty years old (plus and counting) and have wondered about Debbie for years. I sometimes think of trying to find her, just to see