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Kaija's Fantasy

Kaija’s Fantasy

Kaija’s Fantasy By Dreamcut’r

It was Friday night in Monterrey, California and I was kicking back and just relaxing with a couple of my dearest friends, a 31inch Surround Sound



I married a beautiful Asian girl and from the first moment we were instantly in love. It was pure chemistry, and best of all it was mutual. We made all preparation for her to come

No Choice

No Choice…

No Choice… – LadyBarber

I am 28-year-old girl with blonde hair that had to go through a period of time before my fantasy of getting a short barber cut finally happened. I was

Secretaries' Pool

Secretaries’ Pool

The Secretaries’ Pool

5 years ago I started working at this company, as a secretary. In order to reduce the possible problems with boss-secretary relations the organization had a



The Match by Sean Adams

This is a story I wrote. Thanks JCWP for the story line.

Finkle: “Coming to the ring right now is Queen Kong.”

The big ugly woman. Very dominating comi

Hair-Raising Story

Hair-Raising Story

Reprint from K.L. Smith’s CruiseLetter – May 1996
Sharon Jackson Editor/Publisher
Cruise Humor: A Hair-Raising Story by Tom Gauldin

My wife is a

Divorce Cut

Divorce Cut

The Divorce Cut by David Bee

This is a true life drama that I had with the balding of a woman. I am one of the owners of a small, and what I would like to consider elite, beauty

Asian Surprise

Asian Surprise

It seemed like a dream job, but quickly turned into a nightmare. I had signed up as a crew member aboard the cargo ship “Newcastle” sailing out of Boston bound for Thailand and bac

Jilted Lover Revenge

Jilted Lover Revenge

Jilted Lover Revenge – dlittle@cyberus.ca (buzz)

I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my long hair, he used to love my hair, he never would allow me to cut it, just in case

Men's Salon

Men’s Salon

The Men’s Salon – TJ

My name is Sarah and this is the story of my first buzz haircut. It happened during the summer vacation of my freshman year in college. I looked my best bac