My Wife, My Daughter’s Slave

My Wife

My Wife, My Daughter’s Slave – Dreadlocks

It all started about two years ago when my daughter came home to live with us after a failed marriage. She was 23 then and very bitter about the way her ex-husband treated her. I could tell she was in no mood to have anything to do with men for a while.

My wife, Samantha, was nervous about Julie moving home but I was determined that she needed us right now and insisted that she move home, at least for a short while.

Samantha has always been a very sexual woman and it was not uncommon to find her masturbating in the bedroom when I wasn’t there to please her. I never discouraged this and actually encouraged her to enjoy her sex. Julie, on the other hand, was really put off by this behavior in her own mother and had caught her several times with her hand between her legs. Julie had pretty much put up with this in the past and just wrote it off to another screwy thing that her parents did, this is until the week after she came back home.

It was a rainy Monday morning and I had just left for work and Samantha was laying back on the bed to play, her hand stroking her pussy and the other rubbing her ample breast. Julie suddenly walked into our room, catching her mother completely off guard and Samantha being so close to an orgasm was unable to stop immediately and kept stroking for a few seconds more. “That’s so disgusting mother,” she shouted.

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“I’m sorry dear, I’m just so horny all the time.” My wife put her hand back to her pussy with Samantha standing at the foot of the bed. “It just feels so good.” That was all that Julie could bear and she jumped onto the bed and pulled Samantha’s hand away from her pussy. All the anger and hatred from her divorce came bubbling to the surface and she rolled her mother onto her belly and started spanking her, hard. Julie must have spanked Samantha for nearly a minute before she realized that her mother was not resisting and had in fact thrust her bottom into the air to receive the stinging blows. Julie left the room and went to the kitchen to cool off, followed shortly thereafter by her mother.

“You’re such a slut mother!” Julie smirked. “Say it mother, say ‘I am a slut'”

“I am a slut.” Samantha couldn’t believe she had said it to her own daughter.

“I am a slut, WHAT!” Julie yelled, half expecting her mother to answer with the correct response. Samantha, having read many of the little dirty magazines that I kept stashed away, knew the response.

“I am a slut… Mistress.” Samantha lowered her eyes to the floor and submitted to my daughter. She knew that from that moment on her life was going to change.

“Very good… slave, now come with me.” Julie led her mother up the stairs and into the bathroom. “Remove your robe, slave.” Samantha did as she was told and stripped naked in front of her daughter. “I will have to think about what I am going to do with you slave, but for now I know one thing that has to change immediately.” Julie reached down and tugged at my wife’s ample pubic hair. Samantha had never shaved there before and was nervous about it.

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now let’s get you in the tub.” Samantha got into the tub. “Spread your legs, slave.” As she did so, her sexual excitement became evident and the odor of her sex spread through the room. “I am so glad you find this exciting slave, soon I think you may not be so enthusiastic.” Julie began snipping her mother’s pubes as close to the skin as she could with the manicure scissors that were on the sink. Samantha moaned as she watched her thick golden bush float softly to the tub between her feet. After about five minutes Julie had reduced Samantha’s pubes to stubble and there was a small pile of blonde curlies at her mother’s feet. She reached down and grabbed a handful of the once glorious bush and held it to Samantha’s nose. “See these, say goodbye to them, ’cause you’ll never have pubic hair again.” Samantha smelled her sex on the golden curls and nodded in compliance, seeing her ravaged mound for the first time. Julie then wet her mound with a washcloth and lathered the stubble in preparation for shaving. Samantha shivered as the razor began to strip away her last vestige of womanhood, reducing her to a slave and as she bent over to allow Julie to shave between her cheeks she began to realize how much she wanted this and that she would have to give herself completely to Julie. Julie ran a washcloth over the freshly shaved sex of her mother and smiled with contentment. “You will keep this shaved from now on slave, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress, I will.” Samantha bowed her head.

“Now get out of the tub and kneel at my feet. You will worship your Mistress.” Samantha did as she was told and knelt at her daughter’s feet, her face at Julie’s pantied crotch. As Julie lowered her panties Samantha saw that Julie too was shaved bare and as Julie placed her hand at the back of Samantha’s head she almost instinctively buried her head between Julie’s legs. For the first time in her life she was licking the sex of another woman, something that she had often fantasized about during her masturbation sessions. In very short order, Julie had three crushing orgasms and then pushed Samantha’s mouth away from her sex.

“Very good slave, you have pleased me very well indeed.” Julie turned to adjust her closely cropped hair in the bathroom mirror. She had it cut shortly after the divorce into a severely short style, but it had grown out now into a cute little pixie. “I have thought of some rules for you slave, and you will follow them exactly, do you understand?” Julie became more severe.

“Yes Mistress, I understand.” Samantha braced herself.

“Ok, here we go….” Julie smiled wickedly. “Number one. You are no longer allowed to play with yourself unless I am present and supervising you, your sex belongs to me now, and I will determine when and if it gets pleasure. This includes sex with your husband, you may service him orally whenever he requires it but he may not enter you without express permission from me. You may beg for this privilege on special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.” Samantha shuddered at the thought of being without sex but nodded a yes to her new Mistress. “Number two, which we have already established, you must keep your pubic hair shaved completely at all times and I may decide to have it removed permanently later. Number three, you will obey me at all times and not question any command that I give or you will suffer the punishment. That’s all for now but I will surely think of more as we go on, slave.” Julie finished fixing her hair and turned to look at Samantha, still kneeling at her feet. She ran her hands through her mother’s long blonde hair and then through her own short spiky style. “I guess we will have to do something with your hair, slave, we can’t have the slave with longer hair than her Mistress, now, can we?”

“Oh please Mistress, don’t cut my hair.” Samantha pleaded with her, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“Silence slave!” shouted Julie “You will get a haircut and it will be shorter than mine, a lot shorter! While I’m at work today, you will get it done, is that understood?”

“Yes… Mistress.” Samantha was in tears, knowing she couldn’t refuse.” Julie disappeared into her bedroom for a moment and came back with an envelope.

“I want you to go to Bobby’s Clip Joint on Main Street and give the barber this envelope and tell him that you want the same style as the picture inside, understand?” Samantha nodded hesitantly and took the envelope from her Mistress. It was sealed only at the tip but she wouldn’t dare peek at the picture inside. “Go now slave, get dressed in a pretty summer dress, and go.”

Samantha did as she was told and drove to Bobby’s Clip joint. As she walked inside, clutching the envelope in her sweating hands, there were three chairs, all full of customers, with two waiting against the wall in a row of chairs that faced the barbers. She walked in and took a seat away from the rest and looked for a magazine but found nothing that she found appealing. Stuff like Field and Stream and Fortune. This was nothing like the beauty salon. Samantha watched the haircuts that were being done on the customers. They were all short styles, shorter than her husband’s. One fellow had his hair in a flat top and was getting it reduced to a very short style with shaved sides and almost nothing on top. Another got his normal haircut buzzed right off. Did these barbers know anything but short, short cuts? Samantha was getting very nervous as she watched and looked down at the envelope in her hands. She thought it would look silly to hand the barber a sealed envelope and ask for what was inside so she slit the corner that was sealed so that she could hand the barber the picture when her time came. After watching two more incredibly short haircuts those inevitable words came out, directed at her. Samantha walked over to the barber and stepped up and into the very comfortable chair.

“We usually don’t do women’s cuts in here Ma’am, but we’ll make an exception today seeing as we’re a little slow.” The barber placed a red and white striped cape over Samantha and fastened it at her neck. “Just a trim or do you want something shorter?” Samantha fumbled with the envelope under the cape removing the paper from inside.

“I want it just like this picture please.” She handed the picture to the barber who looked at it and then back at her.

“Are you sure about this honey? I mean really sure?” Samantha knew that this was her last chance to save her hair, but if she failed to do it she knew she would face the wrath of her daughter.

“Yes. I’m quite sure. Just go ahead and do it like the picture.” Samantha cringed at the words as they crossed her lips.

“Ok then, I just don’t want ant regrets when I’m done.” The barber picked up some shears from the counter. “Well let’s start by removing some of the bulk.”

The barber slipped the shears into her hair at the nape of her neck and began to cut. Two feet of silky blonde hair slithered down the cape and onto the floor. Samantha closed her eyes as she felt the cold steel of the scissors against her neck and then the grating of the shears as they severed her beautiful hair. She could feel the weight of her hair being removed and as the shears sliced through the last of it her head sprung forward. She felt the barber’s breath on her exposed neck, it was a very foreign feeling. “Are you ok honey?” the barber asked as Samantha shuddered and nodded a yes. “I can stop now and you’ll have a nice short bob.” Samantha could feel the ends of her hair on her cheeks as she shook her head no.

“Like the picture.” Samantha closed her eyes tightly.

“Ok, little lady, it’s your head.” The barber suddenly became more forceful and pushed her head forward so her chin was on her chest. “Head down,” he said as he grabbed something from the counter. There was a click, POP, and then a low buzzing as he brought whatever it was to her neck. Clippers! She was going to get clippered. She felt the blades against her neck and then they quickly moved up the back of her head to the crown, and then again, and again. Quite roughly the barber pushed her head to the right and Samantha felt the clippers in front of her left ear and then quickly up they went to the top, and again and again. She could feel the cool air against her scalp and she knew that she was getting the haircut of her life. Once again the barber roughly pushed her head to left and clipped the right side. “Head back.” No sooner had she complied when she felt the clippers on her forehead and then sliding back along her skull to her crown over and over until there was a click, then silence.

“All done, here’s your picture back, little lady.”

Samantha opened her eyes slowly and looked at the picture. There standing with several others was a young man in a military uniform, he was BALD! The caption under the picture read, “Knobs get their hair virtually shaved during the induction process at the Citadel.” Samantha slowly raised her head and for the first time looked in the mirror. There, staring back at her, was a completely bald person, it was her. Samantha’s beautiful long hair was strewn all over the floor around the chair. She reached up and felt her head and was shocked at the sandpaper feel of her skull. Even though she wasn’t truly shaved, it was less than 1/8″ long and because her hair was so blonde she appeared totally bald. The barber pulled off the cape and motioned for Samantha to get down from the chair.

“How much do I owe you?” Samantha asked as she suddenly noticed five men sitting in the chairs watching her.

“Nine dollars please.” The barber began to sweep the floor around his chair, pushing Samantha’s locks into a pile against the wall. Samantha gave the barber a ten and thanked him for the cut. “I’ll see you in week.” Samantha looked at him as she left the shop and wondered why he said that.

She got into her car and set the picture on the seat next to her and then ran her hands over her shaven pate. She never noticed how big her ears were, now they seemed to stick out like dumbo ears. Her eyes seemed bigger too. She looked at the picture and reached over and turned it over so she didn’t have to look at the source of her beauty’s demise. There was something written on the back. “Ask the barber how often to get it cut to keep this look.” It was her daughter’s handwriting. Samantha looked in the rear view mirror and again ran her hand over her bald head. She was truly ugly without her hair and it was gone for a long time.

After Samantha arrived home she ran upstairs and closed the door to the bedroom without stopping for a minute. I had just arrived home and was curious why she didn’t come greet me as she always did. I went upstairs and found the door to the bedroom locked.

“Why did you lock the door dear?” I questioned. “Open the door, I’ve got something to discuss with you.” I listened through the door and could hear sobbing. I once again requested that she open the door and I heard patting of bare feet on the floor as she came across to the door. I heard her say something but couldn’t quite make it out as the door opened. She must have been behind the door as I entered as the door closed again once I was inside. “Holy shit Samantha! What did you do?” I saw her bald head for the first time and was shocked but amused as well. “Well girl, you’ve done some really off the wall stuff in the past but this beats all. What on earth made you shave you head?” I sat down on the bed.

“Julie, she caught me masturbating again and now I am her slave. She sent me to the barber with a picture of this haircut and had the barber shave my head bald.” Samantha dropped her head in shame as she described all the details of the past day, occasionally touching herself as she did so. I knew that this was a big turn on for her so I thought it would be fun to see how things turned out if I didn’t intervene.

“Well my wife, it seems that you have a new life to lead. I am going to give our daughter full reign over you and we’ll see how things go.” Samantha’s eyes grew wide as I told her this and she again began to sob and she buried her face in the pillow as I walked out and downstairs. She really was ugly with her hair gone and I told her so, it brought out her big floppy ears and exaggerated her smallish face and wrinkled forehead.

About an hour later Julie arrived home from work and had an evil smile on her face as she saw her mother sitting in the den with her shaved head. I could hear her saying something to her but it was whispered. “I understand you caught your mother playing with herself again.”

“Yes I did, it was disgusting.” Julie spoke as she worked fixing herself something to eat

“Well, I understand that you have enslaved her.” Julie looked a little worried as I began the next sentence. “I give her to you completely Julie, I will only take from her what you allow her to give so from this point on you have full reign over her life, totally.” I smiled and then sat at the table.

“Thank you father. Wait ’til you see what I have planned. ” Julie laughed and turned to my wife and smiled that evil smile again. “Upstairs slave! From now on you will be naked at all times, do you understand.” Samantha stripped out of her shorts and T-shirt and her panties, leaving her naked. For the first time I saw her shaved pussy and was a little sorry that she was probably going to be off limits to me. Julie followed her up the stairs.


“I see the barber gave you a nice short haircut, I like it and so will you when I am finished with you. Into the bathroom with you slave.”

“Yes Mistress.” The naked Samantha plodded into the bathroom with Julie close behind.

“We’re going to finish the job the barber started, slave, no sense in being this close to bald and having to deal with that nasty stubble.” Julie lathered her mother’s head and carefully shaved it with a safety razor, not once but twice, until it was totally smooth and shiny. “Well you won’t have any use for these will you?” Julie whisked the razor over her mother’s eyebrows, quickly removing them. “Let’s not leave anything ok?” Samantha nodded in approval. Julie took a pair of manicure scissors and very carefully cut off my wife’s eyelashes completely, leaving her 100% hairless. As Samantha looked at herself in the mirror she instinctively touched her pussy with her fingers. “I didn’t give you permission to touch my property, slave, but I suppose you’ve earned some pleasure. You may play with yourself as you look in the mirror until you orgasm, but only one and I will supervise.” Samantha began twiddling her shaven folds as Julie looked on, proud of what she had created. It didn’t take long for Samantha to come as she looked ashamedly at her ugly face, now totally featureless. “Good slave, now I have another errand for you tomorrow and I want you to follow these instructions to the letter, I will know if you haven’t.”

“Yes Mistress.” Her mother was out of breath as she spoke, still recovering from her enormous orgasm.

“You are to drive to 4356 Calla St and give the man inside this envelope. You are to follow his commands as you would mine, is that clear?” Julie was stern but soft-spoken now.

“Yes Mistress, I will do as you ask.” Samantha bowed her head to her Mistress, who stroked it gently, sending chills down her mother’s spine, her smooth head a new erogenous zone just discovered.

“Good, now I want you to go to your room and pack all of your clothes, underwear and shoes into the boxes I have put in there. All of your jewelry will go into this box which you will present to me when you are done.” Julie walked away leaving her mother to her task. Samantha started emptying her drawers into the boxes, all her panties, stockings, bras, slips, makeup and tops went thoughtlessly into the boxes. She was doing as her Mistress commanded, there was no questioning it. The closets were next, all her suits, dresses, purses and casual stuff was flung into the boxes. Thinking ahead, she went to the basement and gathered all of her clothing that was in the laundry and also placed it into the boxes. There was a spool of tape left by Julie on the dresser, which Samantha used to seal the boxes. Every stitch of clothing she had in the world was now boxed and sealed from her. Her pussy was streaming down her legs as she gathered all her jewelry from the little boxes that adorned the top of her dresser and placed it into the special box that Julie had given her. She looked around her and then down at her hairless form and then realized that there was one thing she had overlooked. She wet her finger with her mouth and slipped off her engagement ring and wedding band and placed them into the box. As she closed the box it clicked and was locked. She went to the bottom of the stairs and called to her Mistress.”

“I am finished, Mistress.” Samantha bowed her head as Julie came to the stairs.

“Good, you are naked and without possessions in the world.” Her mother presented her with the locked box with her jewelry inside. “Good slave, I see you have not forgotten the reminders of your former relationship, I was afraid I was going to have to punish you but you have anticipated me, good slave. Have you also remembered to clothing in the laundry slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good, now bring me your purse from the kitchen table.” Julie was a little more stern now. Samantha fetched her purse from the kitchen and thought that she might be punished for not including it in the boxes. “Open the purse slave and hold it open.” There was a wastebasket there in the foyer and one by one her mother’s items from her purse were tossed into the can. Her lipsticks, brushes, combs, address book, compact, tampons and other sundry items were all unceremoniously tossed into the garbage, it was like being stripped and shaved all over again. The last item was her wallet which Julie opened and removed all of the contents including money. She produced a pair of scissors from her pocket and one by one cut Samantha’s credit cards in half, then her social security card, library card, driver’s license and tossed the remains into the can. She took the money and put it in her pocket. She then tossed the purse and the wallet into the can and told Samantha to kneel. “From now on you will not be known as Samantha but simply as Slave, just Slave. Also, you have pleased me tonight slave and I was to reward you for your efforts.” Julie reached into her pocket and took out a penny and placed it on my wife’s hairless head. “Each time you please me slave, I will give you a penny which will be yours. You will keep them in your new room which will be ready by the time you return from your tasks tomorrow. I will keep it for you for now. Tonight you will sleep in my bed with me.” Julie picked up the penny off Slave’s head and put it back in her pocket.

“Now bring down the boxes that you packed.” Slave went to the bedroom and brought down the four boxes containing everything that she once owned. “Now put them into the car and get in the passenger seat, we are going for a ride, Slave.” A worried look came over Slave’s face as she realized that she would be naked in the car. “Did you think I was going to expose my slave’s naked body to the world, no, I wouldn’t want people to get ill, here…” Julie handed Slave a pillowcase that had been cut out on the corners and the end which she helped her put on. It barely covered her ass but it did, unless she bent over. She handed Slave an old belt and cinched it around the middle forming a simple tunic, very simple. “This is the only thing you will ever be allowed to wear, and it is on loan from me, you do not own it. Now let’s go.”

Julie and her new slave drove for about five miles. Occasionally Slave would get stares from people that would see her bizarre hairlessness and meager attire. Soon they arrived at their destination, the city shelter.

“You will carry these boxes inside the building and give them to the clerk.” Julie ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” Slave got out of the car and picked up one of the boxes and carried into the lobby of the shelter and gave it to the clerk. Four trips later she was completely without anything she could call her own. As they drove away she could see through the window as the boxes were opened and her former clothing was distributed among the homeless. “They made fun of my bald head, Mistress,” Slave meekly said.

“Yes slave, you must get used to ridicule as you will learn even more after tomorrow.” They arrived back home and Slave was stripped out of her tunic and sent to bed.

After servicing her Mistress with her tongue, Slave was sent to get her tunic and the envelope.

“Remember Slave, the address is written on the envelope.” Julie left for work and Slave began to get ready to go out into the world. She donned the tunic and belt, tugging at the bottom to see if she could make it longer, to no avail. She wondered what was in the envelope and what was in store for her today. She remembered that she no longer had her driver’s license so she had better be careful not to be pulled over for anything, but her appearance alone might warrant that, she thought. Scared and practically naked she went on her errand. She arrived at 4356 Calla St and was puzzled by what she found. It was an old medical building with an old brick front and a glass door with gold letters that were quite worn but saying something M.D. Slave locked the car and with the envelope in her sweaty hand she entered the building. There was a small dingy waiting room, empty, much to Slave’s relief with a small window at one end. It was a sliding glass window, which opened as she approached it.

“Hello, can I help you.” An elderly gentleman peered through the window at her. Slave handed him the envelope, which he promptly opened. There was a bunch of hundred dollar bills inside, Slave couldn’t see how many and a note. The old man shook his head as he read the note and said something about “kids these days.” The door to the back rooms opened up and he ushered Slave into a small but clean room with an examination table in the middle. ” I can’t believe this is what you want but I’m too poor to refuse your money dear, so just follow the note right.” Scared and shaking slightly, Slave nodded her head. “OK, please remove all your clothing and hop up on the table here.” Slave undid the belt and slipped the tunic over her head, her feet were bare. She was naked. Slowly, the old man, whom she assumed was a doctor, began examining her, her face and breasts were his main concern as he worked. “OK sweety, time to say goodnight.” He injected her arm with something and soon she began to fall to sleep.

Seemingly at once she was waking up and Slave remembered where she was. The old man was nowhere to be seen. She was very sore, her chest hurt a great deal as well as her face. Her mouth was taped shut and her tongue felt swollen. There were bandages wrapped around her chest and her face both. She thought that she should get out of there quickly so she grabbed her tunic and slipped out the door. Still very groggy from the anesthesia she drove cautiously home and found that her room was set up in the basement. There was a new brick wall with a steel door, on the door was stenciled “SLAVE”. She entered her new room. It was stark with a single cot and a small table. There was no window. Slave laid down on her cot and fell right to sleep.

“How are you, my little slave?” Julie was leaning over her. “I know you can’t talk but we’ll remedy that right now. Follow me upstairs.” Once in the bathroom, Julie began removing the bandages from her mother, her slave. “Lets start with these shall we.” She began unwrapping Slave’s chest, until the bandages were off. “Good, just like I wanted.” She moved Slave to the mirror and showed her. Where her C cup breasts once hung there was nothing but a nipple. Her breasts had been completely removed, leaving her as flat as a little boy. A tear formed and rolled down Slave’s cheek as she gazed at her boyish form. “Now for the topper.” Slave was worried as Mistress began removing the bandages from her face. She dutifully sat on the toilet as the wraps were removed. “Oh! How absolutely hideous you are now,” Julie laughed. “Do you want to see?” Julie once again moved her slave to the mirror. What Slave saw so shocked her that she turned away, but Mistress spun her back to the mirror. Her face was ruined. Slave’s lips were huge and bulbous – over two inches thick, her nose had been flattened and spread out over three inches wide. Her ears had been surgically enlarged so they hung below her jaw and stuck out ridiculously, they flapped when she moved. When she tried to speak, her lips would barely part making a farting sound instead of speech. Slave reached into her mouth with her fingers and ran them along her empty gums, her teeth having been removed.

“Don’t you just love it, it’s so hideous!” Julie pulled her slave back down to the basement and pushed her into her room. “I’ll see you tomorrow Slave, wait ’til you see what I have planned for you.” There was a loud bang and some clatter of steel. Slave was locked in her cell for the night.

To be continued…


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