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Bonnie's Buzz

Bonnie’s Buzz

Bonnies’ Buzz –

Bonnie typed in her nick, Sub4You, and joined her favorite irc channel, bdsm. She felt especially horny and hoped her dom, Whipster, would be

First Deadly Sin

First Deadly Sin

The First Deadly Sin From: (Billd)

Janet got out of bed shortly after Jack left for work. She had a lot to do and little time to do it in. Greg should be arr



KAREN – Billd

The two women entered Barbara’s apartment for what Karen hoped would be just long enough for Barbara to change clothes, and then they would be on their way once mor

May the Force be With You

May the Force be With You

May the Force be with you – (Billd)

Jan looked in the mirror for what had to be the 20th time that morning. She turned her head slightly to the left and ran

Naughty Nancy

Naughty Nancy

Naughty Nancy – (Billd)

Nancy and Greg had been going out with each other for over two years now, and had been living together for just over a year. The only

Tammy Goes for Dan's Fetish

Tammy Goes for Dan’s Fetish

Tammy goes for Dan’s Fetish – Billd

Tammy knew of Dan’s hair cutting fetish for a long time now. Many were the times she teased him by allowing him to trim her hair, and while he

Short Story

Short Story

Here is a story of a HairBoutique board. – Jen

Let’s just say it was a big mistake putting my hair on the line as a wager! I’m still very annoyed over the fact that I lost the b

Brewster's Millions

Brewster’s Millions

Brewster’s Millions From: (Billd)

Jason Brewster looked once again at the account balance column of his savings account passbook. Once again total disbelief


Control, Clippers and Kerri

Control, Clippers, and Kerri – Billd (Clipper)

To all my fellow female shaving fans. A short time ago, many of you may recall that I posted a fictional story in which a woman, wh