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Melissa's Pride

Melissa’s Pride

Melissa’s Pride by DKenn51495

Melissa stood in front of the mirror putting the finishing touches on her makeup as she finishes getting ready for an evening on the town. Tonight w

Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie Suffers for her Art

Katie suffers for her art by Cliptomaniac

Katie had done quite well for an art student. She was making a bit of money doing something she that was both arty and also erotic and

Littlest Recruit

Littlest Recruit

The Littlest Recruit by Shornlocks

Fifteen-year-old Brenda tried to be inconspicuous as she stared through the tall bushes at her neighbor Cheryl sunning herself by the pool. Ch

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Take Me Out To The Ball Game by HeadBoy

Jenna flipped the burgers as she sang in front of the barbecue grill, ignoring the smoke that wafted into her eyes. The sun was not at it


Short, Sharp, Shock

Short, Sharp, Shock! A Hair Story by Ian White

Pamela was a rather plain looking woman in her late forties. She was single, and owned her own stable yard in a small village in Y

Living Haircut

Living Haircut

The Living Haircut by Sabrina S and Sean O’Hare

David Clipperborough cleared his throat, and adjusted for the hundredth time the tiny microphone attached to his lapel. Fortunate

Beth's Little Barber Shop

Beth’s Little Barber Shop

I looked at the phone as it rang. It was 3:45 in the afternoon. The June sun shone brightly outside my office window. I debated for a moment, then picked it up. “Turn off the compu